Untitled II, 2014. Charcoal on gauze paper. 7.7x7.9cm Illustrations within this project of work developed directly from the sculptural pieces I was creating, giving their initial form different perspectives. Rather than considered replications of the sculptural pieces, their creation was a lot more spontaneous. I am interested in the energy of the mark making, where the charcoal was crushed and the ink dripping due to quick application. I see them as quite abstract illustrations, where they reference past work via new representation.
These particular pieces of work helped to initiate and look into how my art could have more of a relationship within the exhibiting space, creating a new sense of depth and dimension. Use of projection was an interesting way of developing my work, where I could expand minor forms into the monumental.
Landscapes, 2014. Photographs. Dimensions varied Within the constructed environments of my installations I discovered certain aspects that are evocative of further mini-environments. I see these pieces standing alone as strong, finished pieces that give a hint of landscapes yet to be discovered; they are 2-D in their literal physicality, yet are suggestive of 3-D settings. They appear so organic yet fabricated entirely with inorganic materials. Conflicting man and nature, they touch on representations of the sublime.